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The Government of Canada has identified 29 In-Demand Occupations as required by Canada's labour market.
The priority occupations list is constantly reviewed and is subject to change depending on labour market need. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has set a maximum 10,000 complete Federal Skilled Worker applications to be considered for processing starting July 1, 2011 until June 30, 2012. Within this same time frame, a maximum of 500 Federal Skilled Worker applications per listed occupation will be considered for processing within the 10,000 limit.

These limits, however, do not apply to applications with an accompanying job offer of Arranged Employment. If your occupation does not belong to the list below, you can still apply provided you have an Arranged Employment Opinion.

The cap has been reached.

CIC has received 10,000 complete Federal Skilled Worker applications for processing since July 1, 2011.