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Canada's Provinces and Territories nominate foreign nationals for permanent residency thru the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

If you have a particular province or territory in Canada you would like to reside in, you may look into the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to hasten your application for permanent residency.

Through the PNP, provinces and territories of Canada are allowed to nominate foreign nationals who have expressed interest in immigrating to Canada and settling in their province. Applicants are nominated if their skills, education and work experience will allow them to contribute to the economy and prosperity of that province and of Canada.

Each province or territory implements its own Provincial Nominee Program that is specifically tailored to its particular needs. There are different categories available per province and each implements its own requirements and processes. It is important to note that when applying to your targeted Canadian province or territory, the PNP process has an additional application step.

First, you need to apply to the particular province or territory you intend to reside in. A Provincial Nominee Program Officer will assess your application to ensure your eligibility in the provincial nomination category you are aiming for. If your application is successful in this first stage, the province or territory will issue you a nomination certificate.

Second, you need to forward your application, together with the original nomination certificate, to the federal immigration office of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Federal government processing fees are required at this point. You and any accompanying dependents will be required to undergo medical examinations by physicians that are designated by CIC.

Bear in mind that receiving a nomination certificate does not guarantee a Canadian resident visa. You must first pass the statutory requirements set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This includes the legitimacy of submitted documents, as well as medical and security clearances.

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