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Every week I speak to fellow Canadians who tell me they have met their New Found Love (NFL) online. They have come to the Philippines to meet and now they want to bring their New Found Love back to Canada asap!

I can certainly understand where you are coming from. I am a “baby boomer” from Saskatchewan and I know exactly what you are going through. Filipinos are special and falling in love with a Filipino is even more special.

We are in the position to be more helpful to you than you can imagine.

Once you have decided to sponsor your “New Found Love”, we immediately put together a plan and realistic time frame. We advise you on all the details and most important part of sponsorship is preparing the application and getting the supporting documents of your new found love who will need plenty of guidance as to what to do.

My competent Filipino staff will be in contact with your NFL and help her with documents, completion of her application forms and arrange her medical. We have the same goal as you and that is to get your NFL to Canada as quickly as possible.

If you listen to my advice, I can assure you your New Found Love will be in Canada before you know it.