I have always believed that immigration and the process of immigration is a very confidential and personal issue.
Packing up and moving half way across the world is a life changing decision and there are many emotions involved.
Here is why you should choose Canadian Professional Immigration Services, Inc;
1. Number one reason is ‘trust’. We earn your trust from day one by making sure that you are qualified, your application will be processed and that you will obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. We meet many people who have been denied because they were given poor advice or their application was deficient and mistakes were made.
  Before agreeing to represent you, we make sure that your application will be approved. We are not interested in wasting your hard earned money and our precious time in an effort that will not succeed. This is unfair to both parties.
2. The second reason is that Filipino applications are often complicated and if these complications are not addressed then the application may not succeed. Our strength is our ability to understand your situation and provide the correct advice needed to ensure your application meets and exceeds the requirements for approval.

For our clients here and especially overseas, we provide services to help obtain or prepare such documents to support your application. It may be authorization to request documents on your behalf or contact provincial relatives for securing other supporting documents. We can and really extend help as we live in the Philippines and we understand how the system works here. Di ba?

3. Finally, we deal with more than just skilled worker applicants. Many of our clients are those who have been previously denied, have over stayed in the US, have complicated family issues or whose Permanent Resident status has expired. We have the expertise to review these files, re-submit them to the Embassy and obtain approval. We are pleased to say that we are the only company in the Philippines to have a special needs child approved by the Embassy for visa.