My unique relationship with the Philippines started when I arrived from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998. I was hired to run the marketing department of a company offering immigration services for Filipinos.

Over the next three years, I worked for a several immigration companies and while I loved working with Filipinos, I wasn’t happy working for someone else. I have always been very independent and I believed in my heart that I could do better.

In 2002, I decided to open my own company and so it began, with one laptop, two desks and an over abundant amount of enthusiasm - I called the company, Canadian Professional Immigration Services, Inc. I was determined to be better than anyone else. My goal was to provide the best possible service by offering an honest and accurate assessment to ensure the client is qualified.

Of course I couldn’t do this all myself and I was extremely fortunate to be introduced through one of my first clients to two Filipinas that were already working for an immigration service company but who were very unhappy because the owners made promises that were never kept. These two wonderful ladies, Lala and Thummy were to become key ingredients to the success of Canadian Professional. The three of us became a great team and we did it all including cleaning our own offices at the end of every week. Thummy and Lala weren’t thrilled about this at the beginning; however, I offered to cook a wonderful Canadian meal once a week and I guess my cooking must have been ok as they were more than happy to help with our weekly cleaning.

As the company grew so did our staff. We were fortunate to find Loda who became our accountant and general manager making sure our contracts and financial reports were in order.

About two years ago I was able to help Thummy, Lala and Loda immigrate to Canada, where they still do work for Canadian Professional.

It’s been almost ten years since I started and we have grown to about 12 staff and we continue to service the needs of Filipinos.

Recently we have begun to attract a number of Filipino Overseas Workers (OFW) clients from the Middle East, USA and throughout South East Asia. In order to help facilitate overseas workers we have incorporated special Canadian immigration software, making it easier for clients to complete application forms and upload documents to their file. For many OFWs there is a substantial time advantage to file their applications in Manila after initial approval comes from Canada. We are very excited about this new development.

All in all I have now lived here in the Philippines for more than 12 years, my Tagalog is not too bad, my driving is much worse and I have to have my rice and tocino in the morning for breakfast. It’s the best.

One more interesting thing happened to me over these years. I was always uncomfortable being called “Sir” especially being a Canadian so the girls began to call me Uncle Dale and then the clients began calling me Uncle Dale and now everyone calls me Uncle Dale. Welcome to the Philippines.

I am happy to call the Philippines my home and to continue working with my incredible staff and Filipinos who wish to immigrate to Canada.