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Frequently Asked Questions
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   1. How much is the financial requirements?
   2. Am working abroad, would you still be able to process my application.
   3. Is there any age limit in applying for permanent resident?
   4. What is Arranged Employment Opinion and what how does it differ from Work Permit?
   5. Will you still provide assistance (houses, jobs) once we have received our visas?
   6. If I have pending application, can you still help me to expedite my application?
   7. What are the medical reasons that make a file to deny?
   8. Can I still return home after I validate my visa?
   9. Is there any chance to be interviewed by the embassy?
   10. Does a previous refusal of a visitor visa affect a future immigration process?
   11. What if I do not fall under the 29 in demand occupation, will I still qualify? (POL)
   12. Will a close relative in Canada help in any way?
   13. What is Provincial Nominee Program?
   14. Is IELTS required for the PNP program?
   15. How to qualify under the PNP program?
   16. How long is the processing time for family sponsorship?
   17. I am a Permanent Resident of Canada; can I still sponsor my spouse or parent even though I am living outside Canada?
   18. Can I sponsor my siblings?
   19. If the application to sponsor my parents is in process, can they get Canadian visitor visas?
   20. If we are not living together can we apply as a couple?